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Commercial Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

commercial servicing & repair

Hvac Servicing & Maintenance

Climate control is key to improved performance, especially in commercial environments. If you're looking for an HVAC service, repair and maintenance partner, our experts can help.

Depending on your system, checks may be legally required once or twice per year, and beyond that, most system warranties only remain valid if servicing is carried out by certified professionals, so you want to ensure you’re covered by putting the right servicing and maintenance contract in place from the beginning.

Energy Management Systems

Commercial energy management is an ever changing industry, at IL Solutions we ensure we stay up to speed on the latest building management and energy control technology and practices.

Research into energy controls shows better servicing could help save up to 30% on the cost of commercial energy. However, your building’s energy management system only stays cost-effective if it’s properly maintained. With a servicing contract from IL Solutions you can help keep costs down, and ensure your energy controls are used to the maximum effect.

Air conditioning

Research shows office workers place being “too hot” above uncomfortable chairs and workstations on the list of biggest barriers to productivity, so it’s easy to see that effective climate control is essential in any professional environment.

Maintaining and servicing your air conditioning system should be as specific as the system itself, and working with a partner who not only understands the complexity of your system, but also the unique needs of your workplace and your people, plays an important role.

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